What's better than discounts and specials? Free.

If your roof has suffered hail or wind damage, it's possible that your insurance company will pay for your new roof.

Follow these simple steps and see if Red Bank Roofing can get you a free roof:

1) Call us at (732) 747-0635 to schedule your free estimate

2) Our trained professionals will inspect any possible hail or wind damage, which may include pings or chips in your shingles, missing shingles, dents to the metal on your roof, or gaps in your shingles. Then, we provide you with an assessment of the damage to help you decide whether you'd like to move on to step 3.

3) Call your insurance agent. They will send someone out to inspect the damage. Most insurance companies are capable of assessing your damage, and will provide you with their estimate of what the replacement or damage repair should cost.

4.) You may have to be persistent with your insurance company. However, remember that this is why you have insurance to begin with - to compensate you for damage such as this.

5.) The adjuster will submit their own estimate for the damage to the insurance company.

6.) Call us, and we'll come replace your roof. You'll be able to use the money your insurance company gives you toward your roof replacement.