Things to consider when hiring a Contractor

When picking your contractor you should consider a few IMPORTANT things.
HIRING AN ESTABLISHED COMPANY: We offer a workmanship warranty with all our new roofs. What good would that be if you could not find us 3 years from now? By hiring an established company that has been in business for years, you can be assured that when you need them, they will still be there. We stand by our work and have grown because of it.

INSURANCE: We cant stress how important it is to make sure who ever you hire is insured! Many contractors can keep their prices low because they do not carry insurance. Price is important but consider what will happen if an accident occurs and your home is damaged... If the contractor does not have insurance, the liability is now yours. As far as workman's compensation goes, if a worker gets hurt on your property and the contractor is not insured, the worker can sue you.